General Announcements

1st year best practices

In an effort to tackle issues experienced by former and current graduate students with the teaching of 1st year classes, GAP intended to implement regulatory measures aimed at improving the 1st year curriculum experience for graduate students.

Throughout the fall and spring 2018-19, members of GAP (James McInerney, Adrien Saremi, Danielle Skinner) presented propositions to the Chair of graduate studies Dr. Ballantyne. Our effort included several discussions with graduate student fellows and faculty members to bring forward a suggestive plan to the graduate committee. The submitted letter focused on the proper teaching of classes, the provision of appropriate resources for student learning and the improvement in the development of courses’ logistics. The document intended to serve as an agreement between the School of Physics and the graduate student body through GAP and shall be respected by professors teaching 1st year classes.

On February 28th, 2019, upon meeting with the graduate committee members, the points of the attached letter were accepted and included in the graduate committee’s Best Practice document, with immediate effect.