Graduate Student Positions

Looking for a research or teaching assistantship with a professor? Want to know if the person you want to work for is actively looking for a graduate student?

Since Fall 2019, GAP has sent out a yearly email survey to all faculty advisors in the department to see if they are looking for graduate students. Check it out, here:

The reliabilty of this information may change as the semester goes on, but use it as a starting point when looking for an advisor. Even if the professor is listed as not looking for students, we highly encourage every student looking for an advisor to speak individually with each of the professors they may be interested in. Use that conversation as an opportunity to learn more about how their group works, the advising style of the professor, and whether or not the professor has or will have funding for you in the future.

*if you have any updates for this document, let us know

Last updated: 10/12/2020

Preparing graduate physics students for their careers