General Announcements

PAW: Physics Allies for Wellness

This group of graduate students (website currently under construction) are dedicated to improving the culture and climate in the SoP. The first iteration of PAW is composed of the following students: Snigdaa Sethuram, Danielle Skinner, Hannah Griggs, Sami Hakani, Peter Lott, Tom Day, and Joshua Pughe-Sanford. PAW mentors will have set office hours available for anyone to stop by and speak with them, and will also be available by appointment. Starting in Fall 2022, PAW will also hold journal clubs to discuss current research into topics like physics education, science communication, research ethics, and philosophy. Starting in Spring 2023, PAW will be an officially registered student organization. Keep an eye out for the PAW website, which will also be linked from the GAP resources page!