General Announcements

Physics Forum – APS March Meeting Practice Talks

GAP offered the opportunity to several graduate students to present their research ahead of the APS March Meeting Conference, happening in Boston this year. Talks were given in the format of contributed presentations, along with questions and comments designed to provide feedback to the speaker. We thank the following students for presenting their results:

  • James McInerneyInducing Chirality in Homeotropic Nematics via Confinement Geometry
  • Shashank Markande A Topological Perspective of Knitted Fabrics
  • Xiaojian Bai: A Quest to Quantum Dipolar Kagome Ice
  • Andrew SchulzMechanics of Elephant Trunk Wrinkles

In the future, we hope to re-conduct this session for presenters attending the APS March Meeting, and extend it to those attending the April Meeting and the Division of Fluid Dynamics Meeting as well.

We’d also like to remind that the Physics Forums remain an excellent platform for graduate students to present their research to the whole student body of our school, throughout the whole academic year. Schedule for Physics Forum can be found here.