About the Physics Forum

The Physics Forum was started by Mike Dimitriyev in the spring of 2013 as the “Graduate Student Physics Forum.” In short, the goal of the Forum is to provide the opportunity for physics students to talk to their peers about current developments in physics. More specifically, it allows us to present our own work, or research that we find interesting, to other physics students outside of a group meeting, journal club, or classroom setting.

This being a forum of peers, faculty members are actually discouraged from attending so that the discussion is relaxed and informal. Talks tend to be about 45 minutes long with some time for questions and may be in a colloquium format (slides) or a lecture format (at the board). However, shorter talks are also encouraged, especially if they are in preparation for a conference (e.g., 10 minute talks at the annual APS meetings). Short talks about interesting papers (e.g., PRL, Nature) or articles (e.g., Physics Today, Physics World) are a great way to participate if you do not currently have any work to talk about.

While the Physics Forum was initially founded with graduate students in mind, we also invite undergraduates to attend. The two sets of physics students can both contribute and gain from the Forum and are yet traditionally immiscible. The Forum is an attempt to build a sense of community among all of the physics students; meeting for talks encourages us to interact. As of the fall of 2015, GAP has taken on running the Physics Forum.

The Physics Forum is held in the Interaction Room (Howey S105); check the schedule for upcoming dates and times.