General Announcements

GAP/GTRI Career Event – 28th November 2017

GAP would like to thank GTRI employees Michael Clark and Oliver Pierson and GTRI representative Rachel Cox for presenting the ongoing work done at the institute and with partners across the country.

Their contact information:

Michael Clark:
Oliver Pierson:
Rachel Cox:

We thank Dr. Clark for going over his personal experience, his acclimation to being a research scientist after graduating from our department in May 2016 and the use at work of his technical skills learnt as a physicist.
We will keep the undergraduate/graduate students informed of future job positions offered at GTRI. GAP is actively working to establish a strong professional connection between the School of Physics and GTRI and we hope to make co-op and permanent positions opportunities between the two department more available to students over the next years.

Feel free to reach out to them via email (info linked above)