General Announcements

General GAP Meeting

On October 22nd, the GAP held our first General Meeting with graduate students to announce upcoming events and get some feedback. This was also a time for graduate students to get together and socialize, with yummy snacks!

Items discussed:

  • Physics Focus:
    • A new event held once a semester to celebrate the accomplishments of graduate students who have recently published a paper! The event will host 3 graduate students, each giving a short 10-minute talk followed by questions from the audience. This is a great time to advertise your work and receive feedback!
    • Reminder: If you have published a paper, GAP wants to know about it!
  • Workshop interest:
    • We inquired about what types of workshops people would be interested in so we can bring someone in from C2D2 to help us out. We did get some feedback on this, so look out for events!
  • We are still looking for an outreach chair! If you are interested in outreach and would like to be the point of contact for the GAP, we would love to have you! Send an email to if you are interested.
  • A member of the United Campus Workers Union came to discuss a bit about union goals and a petition they are circulating in regards to lowering student fees. Please take a look here if you would like to see the petition and sign it.

Thanks to all the grad students who attended! We plan to have another general GAP meeting next month.