General Announcements

Physics Focus

GAP held our first Physics Focus of the year on October 29th! We celebrated the achievements of three graduate students who recently published papers in their fields by hearing about their results and eating yummy snacks! We had three presenters, who presented the following publications:

Johnathan Michel – Structural hierarchy confers error tolerance in biological tissues. Published in The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in February of 2019.

Brian McMahon – Doppler cooled ions in a compact, reconfigurable penning trap. Published to the arXiv in September of 2019.

Noah DeTal – Synchronization behavior in a ternary phase model. Published in Chaos in June of 2019.

We hope to continue hosting Physics Focus events to highlight even more of our publishing graduate students. If you publish a paper and would like to be featured in our next Focus, please reach out to any one of our officers, who can be found on the About page.