Meeting Minutes

First Meeting Minutes

Thank you to all that attended the first GAP meeting and made it a success! Here are the minutes from the first meeting:

President (Chris Crowley) – The Graduate Association of Physicists (GAP) is a new club, and our mission is to provide career development opportunities for the physics graduate students, with an emphasis on career paths outside of academia. One way we plan to do this is by bringing in speakers who received PhDs in physics and are now working as something other than a professor.

Vice President (Gabe Wadsworth) – We are currently brainstorming other events we can have in this vein. We want these events to be helpful to you so please let us know what kind of things you’d like to see! Also, Jim Trebes, the head of the physics division at the Lawrence Livermore National Lab (LANL), will be coming to the School of Physics for a seminar on Friday, March 27th. We plan on reserving time for the graduate students to meet with him for a career Q&A session, stay tuned for details.

Secretary (Simon Berman) – Please join our club on JacketPages so that Tech’s Student Government Association (SGA) knows how many members we have and can provide proportionate amounts of funding for our events. To do this, login to your GT account here, find our organization’s page under the “Organizations” tab, and click “Join Organization” on the left. Also, to join our mailing list just send an email from your preferred email address to here.

Your speaker suggestions:

  • An immigrant to the US that can address visa issues.
  • A quantitative analyst
  • A GTRI researcher
  • Someone from Coca-Cola
  • Someone working in communications

Your other activity suggestions:

  • Resume workshop (talk to CETL about this?)