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AMA with David Ballantyne

Candid *screenshot* from AMA event with David Ballantyne

On November 12th, 2020, GAP hosted another Ask Me Anything Session, this time with Prof. David Ballantyne. Prof. Ballantyne answered questions about his life, career, and hobbies. Sharing insight into what it means to be an academic, and how he has been handling being at home during the pandemic, sharing also that he has created some of his own music (can be found here on SoundCloud).

Expect more AMA events with School of Physics faculty during the Spring 2021 semester.

AMA with Predrag Cvitanović

On October 8th, during the regularly scheduled GAP virtual Happy Hour, we held our first Ask Me Anything (AMA) session with special guest, Prof. Predrag Cvitanović. Answering questions submitted prior to the event as well as questions from the chat, Predrag shared interesting life stories, insight about being a global citizen, and advice about being a happy and successful graduate student and physicist.

Screen Shot from MS Teams AMA with Predrag showing people laughing as Predrag makes a joke

November, 12th at 6pm EDT, join us for another AMA session with guest Prof. David Ballantyne, Astrophysicist, Associate Chair for Graduate Studies in the School of Physics, and improv comedian! Look out for the announcement via email/Slack/the Facebook group the week before for a link to the meeting and one for submitting anonymous questions.