Stewart Long Visits to Discuss Nuclear Engineering

On November 22nd, Stewart Long, visited the School of Physics, to discuss his current career as an Engineering Program Manager. This was not his first time at the School of Physics, because he received his Bachelor of Science from the school back in 1975! It was great having him visit and the students had a lively discussion about the state of nuclear power, engineering, and managing a team.

Step into STEM

GAP participated in the 4th annual Step into STEM event hosted by Junior STEM on November 9th! This is an opportunity for student organizations on campus to showcase some cool demos and interact with kids from the Atlanta area.

GAP taught kids about magnets! We started by discussing what a magnet is, what they do, and how they interact with things in our world (including grapes!).

We then talked about how a magnetic field interacts with current flowing in a loop. We demonstrated a homopolar motor, and of course, a magnet falling down a copper tube.

All of the demos we came up with are ones that kids and parents can do at home together! We put together a pamphlet of our demos for parents to take home for future reference, which can be found here.

Thanks to Junior STEM for hosting this event! Excited for next year.

Third Mentoring Session of 2019

GAP held our third, and final mentoring session of the semester, on 11/08/19. We began with a brief discussion of Career Options, specifically about what we think is useful information to help guide your graduate school journey.

We then discussed special problems, a special opportunity for first-year graduate students to try out a lab that they may want to work in. It’s an opportunity for students to get to know the lab and the advisor, to determine if it’s the place they want to be in for the upcoming years!

We encourage all students to check out the Resources tab on our website to find the “Graduate Student Positions” page and the “Who Works for Whom?” page. These pages will help you figure out who is actively looking for graduate students and which graduate students work in which labs.

Thanks to all the mentors for making the mentoring sessions this semester so productive. We will see all the first-year students next semester for more mentoring sessions!

Best of luck on your finals!!

Jonas Cuadrado talks Data Science at Feedzai

On November 5th, Howey welcomed back former PhD candidate Jonas Cuadrado. Jonas has been working as a data scientist for 2 years at Feedzai, a company that uses machine learning algorithms to detect fraud and minimize risk in the financial industry. In his career talk, Jonas gave an overview of data science, detailed what he enjoys about his day-to-day work, and talked at length about the necessary steps to enter the field of data science with a background in physics. He was accompanied by an HR representative who accepted résumés and job applications.

We look forward to hosting more professionals in our series of career talks. Stay tuned for announcements about future speakers! If you would like to request a speaker from a particular industry or academic setting, please reach out to our career development chair, who can be found on the About page.